Greg Buchanan

A World-Class Harpist

Greg is a world-class harpist whose aggressive style of playing usually redefines the listener’s concept of performance on the harp. His superb musicianship combined with an enthusiastic attitude toward the Christian life has made him one of the most sought-after Christian performers in America for the past 36 years.

The Early Years

In his early years, there seemed to be nothing Greg Buchanan could not do when it came to music. He was just three when his mother- a singer, dancer and Shakespearean actress- sat him on her lap and began teaching him piano. But the first harp player in the family was Greg’s older sister Lucy. Greg watched her play, and at the age of nine, he decided the harp was for him. It wasn’t long before Greg’s tremendous music ability put him in the spotlight. As he entered and won harp competitions, his future seemed very bright – at least musically.

Professional Success…Personal Failure

Naturally gifted to play the harp, he excelled and progressed quickly. As a young man, he spent four years in the United States Navy Band stationed in Washington, D.C. Following his military service, Greg entered the southern California music scene where he experienced the glamour of professional success. His personal life, however, was a dark paradox. At the age of 13, Greg had been introduced to alcohol. This addiction was now in full control and thrust Greg’s life into the downward spiral of alcoholism, drug abuse. He dabbled in the occult and found himself in and out of mental hospitals and jails. In the fall of 1981, Greg left the music scene and entered college, determined to reconstruct the fibers of his life that had so quickly unraveled. During this time, a friend invited Greg off the streets of Hollywood to a Christian concert. Jesus Christ entered Greg’s heart that night and the Holy Spirit began the process of repairing and healing the broken man who was so desperately searching for a new beginning. Greg readily gives God credit for everything he has today, and for bringing him from the depths of worldly living to the triumphant life he now lives.

The Call On His Life

Part of God’s provision in Greg’s life was blessing him with a wonderful wife, Becky. Married 35 years, and blessed with three precious children who are all married: Matthew 33, Erik, 31 and Bree, 28. They now enjoy being grandparents to four amazing kiddos! Both Becky and Greg are natives of California. They enjoy living in southern California close to family.

Greg enjoys the privilege of being one of the first harpists in the world to own and play the Electronic Acoustic Grand Harp developed and handcrafted by the Lyon and Healy harp manufacturers of Chicago. The technological enhancements of this newly introduced instrument take Greg’s music into realms of expression unattainable with traditional acoustic harps. The instrument is a modified Salzedo Art Deco design, which was personalized to accommodate Greg’s specific needs. During many concert performances, Greg also performs on a Celtic (Irish folk) harp and a Kin nor (lyre). The uniqueness of Greg’s stylized playing has made him a popular guest at national and international workshops. Greg finds great fulfillment in being able to share not only his musical knowledge but also his personal walk of faith, thus offering great creative inspiration to those with whom he works.

God’s calling continues to lead Greg to minister in churches, school assemblies, pastors’ and worship conferences, crusades, on television and many other venues. For the past 36 years, God has called Greg to a life of traveling to spread the Good News, to encourage pastors and to lead people into the presence of God through exciting worship and personal testimony. Churches in the largest cities and smallest of towns have invited Greg to minister. Each time, God’s Spirit moves! Greg is energized and encouraged by the people he encounters while touring. His prayer is that he will be used to encourage others through his witness and testimony. And, that as a result, the circle of Christian friendship and faith will continue to strengthen God’s people.

The Harps of
Greg Buchanan

Salzedo Art Deco Electronic Art Harp

Lyon & Healy • Chicago, IL

The harp has been known throughout history as an instrument of beauty, both of form and sound, one that rarely experiences or needs change. When major changes in the harp’s construction do occur, however, they have revolutionized the instrument. Lyon & Healy, the harp world’s leader and innovator since 1889, now leads the harp from its classic past into this age of electronic instruments with the harp world’s newest advancement – the Lyon & Healy electronic harp. While retaining the intrinsic beauty of the acoustic harp, the electronic harp allows today’s harpists to achieve higher performance levels and changes people’s perception about the capabilities of the harp. The sophisticated pickup system used on the electronic harp provides an amplified sound that is a true reproduction of the string vibration, which makes it “musically expressive” to both the player and the listener.

Celtic Folk Harp

Hidden Valley Harps • Escondido, CA

The ancient name for this style harp was the Nevel. Old Testament prophets played instruments similar to this in temple worship and at times of meditation seeking the Lord. The beauty of tone and quality is distinct. The popularity of the harp grew when the melodies of Celtic origins became widely known and loved. Many harp students begin their learning journey on a folk harp. Some move on to the larger pedal harp, however, many prefer to stay with the folk instrument. The delicate simplicity of the Celtic Folk Harp creates not only a unique sound, but invokes an entire atmosphere of worship from years past.

Davidic Harp (kin nor)

Jubilee Harps • Evansville, IN

A design that was lost for generations, King David’s harp has returned! The melodic sounds of this ten-stringed instrument come alive as though time has turned back to the days of David playing unto Saul. Prophecies surround this instrument and the rediscovery of the Davidic design is a sign of Christ’s imminent return. Intimate, personal times of worship are possible for anyone to attain with this instrument. Growing interest in Christian/Jewish heritage has opened many hearts to the joy of playing this harp unto the Lord.

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