Greg Buchanan
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Venue Location Phone Time
02/11/18 Private Concert California   Sunday
02/20/18 Hope for Today - David Hockings
Annual Banquet
Costa Mesa, CA   Tuesday 6:30pm
03/25/18 The Main Place Orange, CA 714-505-1734 Sunday 9:00am
03/17/18 La Costa Glenn Carlsbad, CA   Saturday 7:00pm
04/10/18 Atherton Baptist Homes Alhambra, CA   Tuesday 7:00pm
06/01/18 Gateway Seminary Banquet - Queen Mary Long Beach, CA   Friday 6:30pm
06/28/18-06/30/18 One Voice Mission Annual Conference Colorado Springs, CO   Thursday - Saturday
07/01/18 Denver First Church of the Nazarene Denver, CO   Sunday
10/09/18 & 10/10/18 Sandy Cove North East, MD   Tuesday 9:00pm & Wednesday 10:00am
10/12/18 Woodlawn Baptist Church Conover, NC   Friday 6:00pm
10/21/18 First Baptist Church Blairsville, GA   Sunday 11:00am & 6:00pm
10/28/18 First Presbyterian Church Jacksonville, FL   Sunday 10:30am & 4:00pm
11/04/18 Trinity Presbyterian Church of Seven Springs New Port Richey, FL   Sunday
11/09/18 Hebron Baptist Church Atlanta, GA   Friday 6:30pm
11/11/18 Bethel Baptist Church Sycamore, GA   Sunday 11:00am
11/14/18 Howard Payne University Brownwood, TX   Wednesday 10:00am
11/19/18 Mims Baptist Church - Thanksgiving Banquet Conroe, TX   Monday 7:00pm
12/01/18 Purpose Church Co Ed
Christmas Dinner
La Verne, CA   Saturday 6:00pm
Venue Location Phone Time
02/09/19 & 02/10/18 Foxworthy Baptist Church San Jose, CA   Saturday 6:00pm & Sunday 10:30am
02/14/19 Calvary Chapel East Anaheim Anaheim, CA   Thursday 9:30am
04/14/19 El Morro Church of the Nazarene Los Osos, CA   Sunday 11:00am
05/14/19 Atherton Christian Living Retirement Alhambra, CA   Tuesday 7:00pm
09/08/19 Crabtree Valley Baptist Church Raleigh, NC   Sunday 3:00pm
09/14/19 Quarryville Presbyterian
Retirement Community
Quarryville, PA   Saturday 5:30pm
10/14/19 & 10/15/19 Church of the Cross Apopka, FL   Mon, Tues 9:00am
12/03/19 Georgia Baptist Conference Center Christmas Homecoming Georgia   Tuesday 7:00pm
12/05/19 First Baptist Church Snellville, GA   Thursday 6:30pm
12/21/19 First Baptist Church Snellville, GA   Saturday 6:30pm


Greg Buchanan